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I have already worked with many clients and some of them have been kind enough to leave me their own  testimonials about their coaching experience with me. 

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Stories of women who have found purpose and direction

Enabled me to achieve goals and milestones with ease

Andrea has helped me to move forward in several areas of my life by providing excellent coaching enabling transformational change for me.


Andrea created a safe and trusting environment for me to explore my options and aspirations in our sessions. Her demeanour and high level of skill enabled me to move forward making meaningful progress towards my long-term goals. Through her clear, confident and gently challenging coaching, I have been able to set meaningful short-term goals and develop achievable action plans to achieve them.


Her genuine care and excellent empathy allowed me to open up and explore new possibilities as part of the coaching journey making great progress in my personal development and self-awareness. Having Andrea as a coach has been life-changing in the areas of my life we explored and further impacted positively on other areas of my life.


Andrea’s coaching style, expertise and support have enabled me to become a better more empowered version of myself and enabled me to achieve goals and milestones with ease during the coaching journey.


Supported me to find solutions to my problems

I am very happy to write my testimonial for my Coach Andrea Bordan, who has been a great support and guide for me in the last few months.


Her understanding and professional approach have been motivating and inspirational. Working with Andrea has been a valuable experience of self-discovery and personal growth for me. Andrea’s positive and calm attitude helped me to feel relaxed and at ease from the beginning, being able to build instant rapport, establishing trust and enabling a safe environment for discussion. I could set my goals clearly and explore in-depth all the options I had not considered before.


From our first meeting, I felt reassured that I was in the hands of a professional coach, who makes you feel valued, and that you are truly listened to, acknowledged and appreciated for who you are. Moreover, with her skillful and encouraging self-reflection questions, Andrea made me aware of my real potential.


I am very grateful to Andrea for having helped and supported me to find solutions to my problems compassionately and professionally. I would recommend Andrea as a coach to anyone, especially to all my friends and relatives. 


Achieved progress in my personal and professional life

I am delighted to share my testimonial for Coach Andrea, who has been a great coach to me and helped me navigate my life situations with ease. Working with Andrea has been a journey of self-discovery, growth, and achievement. Her personable coaching attitude, quick rapport, establishing trust and enabling a safe environment were crucial for me. Her genuine support and non-judgemental approach have truly transformed me.

From the first session, I started my coaching sessions with Andrea 6 months ago, I knew I was in the hands of someone special. She possesses a great ability to listen attentively constructively challenge me and understand my aspirations, strengths, and challenges.


During my sessions, we dug deep to truly understand my goals, both personally and professionally. Her coaching style is tailored to my individual needs, always considering the importance of values. Throughout our coaching sessions, Andrea made sure I was motivated which brought me energy and encouragement to take action. We celebrated my victories but also helped me learn from setbacks, encouraging self-reflection.


Andrea is full of positive energy, empathy, and the ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space which is priceless. She challenged my limiting beliefs. She encourages me to step outside my comfort zone, providing valuable guidance and accountability every step of the way.


Thanks to Andrea's coaching, I have achieved progress in my personal and professional life. Her coaching has helped me set clear goals, develop effective action plans, and stay focused on my priorities. I truly recommend Coach Andrea to anyone seeking a transformative coaching experience. Her abilities as a coach, together with her genuine care for her clients’ success, make her a true star.


Identify what has been holding me back

Coaching sessions with Andrea have helped me get clear about my goals and this helped to prioritise the actions I needed to take to move towards these aims.


Andrea’s questions have helped me gain more clarity in my thought process and helped me identify what has been holding me back. It’s been insightful in realising what is in my control and has simplified the way forward for me in what seemed quite overwhelming otherwise.


I felt supported and also felt comfortable to have an honest conversation. The sessions have helped me take responsibility and get things moving forward.


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Getting back on track, including managing my confidence and personal boundaries

Andrea was a fantastic consistent coach. Always prompt, and professional with deep questioning. Her extensive and articulate curiosity allowed me to question my goals, dig deeper into my motivations and understand my thought patterns. This all allowed me to set realistic goals each session and get back on track with my coaching practice, after a long period out.


I feel I achieved what I set out for with Andrea’s coaching which I feel fantastic about. I wanted help getting back on track with my coaching course and I have since made huge progress, including managing my confidence and personal boundaries, attending accelerator days and also connections with other coaches. All would not have been possible without Andrea.


Andrea supported me and controlled the sessions whilst allowing my answers to guide the session and I felt consistently heard and listened to. She built a great rapport and is comfortable to talk with. I would recommend being coached by Andrea. 


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